Jockey Club Catering completes third clean water well

Jockey Club Catering is pleased to announce the completion of a third clean drinking water well in Chinnarajupalle, Andhra Pradesh, India, in partnership with Life Water and charity Drop4Drop.

Thursday 1 February 2018

Through supplying Life Water at its events, Jockey Club Catering is helping to fund clean drinking water projects around the world and has now built three wells changing the lives of 2,765 people. The Chinnarajupalle community well will provide safe, clean drinking water to over 1,415 people helping to improve their prospects of a brighter, happier future.

The geographical location of Andhra Pradesh means the community regularly suffers from water scarcity, caused in part by frequent patterns of flooding and drought which has severe effects on the residents who rely upon agriculture for their livelihood.

Mrs Kanthamma, who lives in Chinnarajupalle, said: “Our whole-hearted gratitude to Jockey Club Catering for supporting us. We are able to get water all the time without any issues and I am now not anxious of getting water. We shall follow healthy habits in our life so that our health will be improved.”

Nick Campbell, managing director for Jockey Club Catering, commented: “We are thrilled to have completed our third project with Life Water and Drop4Drop. Last year we completed our first clean drinking water project in the Magungu 3 community of Uganda, shortly followed by our second in Pagidala, Andhra Pradesh, India. We take things like clean drinking water for granted, but relieving communities of time and work spent in the collection of water will allow children to spend more of their time in education. We’re looking forward to supporting future projects and helping more communities in the future.”

Jockey Club Catering is a joint venture between The Jockey Club, the largest commercial group in British racing, and Compass Group UK & Ireland. The partnership was launched in 2009 with the aim of providing premium quality catering at all 15 of The Jockey Club Racecourses.