‘Food for the Brain’ now on the menu at IWM North’s WaterShard Conference Centre

IWM North in association with its official catering partner, Levy Leisure, is proud to announce it has become the first museum in the UK to achieve the Food for the Brain accreditation, recognising its commitment to high standards of nutritional excellence.

Thursday 6 September 2018

The Food for the Brain Foundation is an educational charity promoting the importance of nutrition in mental health and well-being. The accreditation ensures that menus for guests visiting the IWM North WaterShard Conference Centre support mental health, well-being, concentration and performance.

Items on the menu for breakfast include probiotic yoghurt with linseed, hemp, sunflower, pumpkin and chia seeds. Lunch guests can expect vibrant, colourful and healthy salads and dishes which are predominantly plant-based. Items on the lunch menu include chargrilled courgette, baby samphire, red chard and pecorino cheese; free-range chicken roasted with garlic, leeks and onions, served with sourdough bread and kimchi.

The food focuses on raw vegetables and probiotics, which are good for gut health. Meals are balanced to support healthy blood sugar levels, meaning brain activity is maintained throughout the day.

Rak Kalidas, strategic director at Levy Leisure, said: “We’re passionate about providing healthy options for our guests and serve meals that are both appealing and nutritious. We understand the importance of a balanced diet. Through communications and training, we help sustain a culture of nutritional awareness.”

Jenna Mosimann, Chief Executive, Food for the Brain Foundation, commented: “Food for the Brain is delighted to award IWM North and official catering partner Levy Leisure our accreditation. This accreditation recognises that they offer nutritionally well-balanced menus which support energy, concentration and performance and help promote better mental and physical well-being.”

IWM North was the first building in the UK designed by the internationally acclaimed architect Daniel Libeskind, and offers a number of unique spaces for corporate and private hire. Event and Conference bookers can contact the venue directly on 0161 836 4042 or email iwm-north@IWMevents.co.uk