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Part of the Science Museum Group, the National Railway Museum in York, like so many others, needed to become more self-sufficient in order to generate revenue. We have helped by increasing event revenue by 19% over the last 5 years through collaboration with the museum to increase visitor numbers.




One of the key ways we seek to drive sales at the National Railway Museum is through collaboration with the client. Weekly sales meetings and daily communication have been vital as the National Railway Museum manages all bookings while we deliver the service, so we feel it is important to work together to achieve the same vision and subsequently revenue increases.

One of our joint initiatives has been strategically focussing on providing very large (500+) prestigious dinners. This decision was taken as it generates a reputation of its own through successfully landing and delivering these events to a large audience and this, in turn, has increased business and revenue.

We have also been proactive in supporting the museum’s marketing initiatives by jointly hosting regular lead generating events such as familiarisation trips and PA clubs where we provide breakfast, dinner, canapés or champagne receptions to PAs and other people who can influence event booking decisions.

Further, we provide support at important Museum PR initiatives, such as The Mallard Event (2013). This 14 day event showcasing a rare train called the Mallard – which had broken the land speed record 75 years previously - generated national and international press coverage elevating the profile of the Museum prompting huge interest in the venue. On an average bank holiday, the museum can see up to 7,000 visitors but we were able to cater for an average of 13,000 guests per day during this exhibition, breaking museum records 3 times in the 2 weeks. We supported this by building 2 new cafes at short notice specifically for the event and training additional staff, all at our expense, to accommodate the dramatic increase in customer numbers. We even provided a drinks reception for VIP guests at our cost to generate interest in the venue.

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