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How long have we worked together?:

Since 1984


Leith’s Dining at Glyndebourne Festival delivers catering concepts throughout 14 weeks, across 77 performances at the festival, for more than 98,000 visitors, and feeds over 700 guests in roughly an hour each night during curtain call.

Quick Facts:

The partnership between Glyndebourne and Leith’s, the heritage brand of Levy UK is responsible for overseeing the needs of visitors from picnics and luxurious cream teas to high-end, haute cuisine.

Throughout the summer festival over 16,000 afternoon teas are served along with 35,000 dinners and 6,000 picnics. Overseen by executive chef Julian Wilson, menus are created to champion regional produce and local suppliers.

Client Objectives:

Glyndebourne Festival delivers perennial favourites with a modern twist, and endorses wider corporate social responsibilities including working to minimize food miles and waste.

In-keeping with demand for less structured dining, sharing tables were introduced, while a large online presence has been created to enable the growing number of pre-order bookings.

In 2014, Glyndebourne, in association with Levy UK, was awarded Two Stars by the Sustainable Restaurants Association (SRA), reflecting the ongoing commitment to sustainably and ensuring they host environmentally responsible events.

The team source a great range of seasonal produce and work closely with many local suppliers and all food is prepared using fresh ingredients every day.

The restaurant underwent a dramatic refurbishment in 2008 which was heavily influenced by the opera house itself. Serpentine banquettes, towering waiter stations housing props from past Glyndebourne productions, a large-scale mural from La Traviata and a series of interconnecting levels create many distinct dining areas complete with 43 Swarovski crystal chandeliers.


In 2016, Levy UK launched a collaboration with the acclaimed Leiths School of Food and Wine in 2017, welcoming students to their restaurant kitchens for work experience.

Since then, 10 students joined Leith’s teams across the business, including one who was invited to stage across the busy restaurants at Glyndebourne, gaining valuable experience of professional kitchens as part of their year-long Diploma course. 

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