Beyond the Plate

The Science Behind Fine Dining

We are in the business of helping our partners grow their revenue, average spends, footfall and guest satisfaction. Our food and drink services help support our clients’ main purpose – the promotion of culture, sport, heritage, conservation work and the communities where we operate.

We are well-versed at identifying opportunities that go beyond creating great menus and drinks. Regular market research and customer feedback enables us to create standout food and drink options, and design stunning settings, but it also means we can maximise sales and marketing opportunities by targeting existing and new audiences.

We ensure a dedicated sales and marketing support mechanism is in place at each venue to help drive awareness, footfall and revenues that supplement and complement our clients existing activities.   

Food and drink masterplan and strategy

We have multi-functional teams of specialists and pull the best talent across the industry to develop commercially successful food and drink strategies and masterplans.

Brand management

All of the solutions we create are as unique as the venues they exist within. We are attuned to your brand and translate your values into our bespoke approach. Through our design and innovation, we help reinforce your brand and protect your reputation. We create tailor-made white-label food and drink concepts, as well as bringing high street names to the plate, through pop-up and culinary collaborations such as River Cottage and Dipna Anand.

Research and insight

We have a dedicated insight team so we’re always in the know. From talking to our customers, visiting the length and breadth of Britain and beyond, and consulting chefs and culinary experts. We bring our knowledge to your plate.

We also commission exclusive market research to help us understand our customer.  For example, in 2017 we looked at what drives visitors to museums and visitor attractions. Our survey with Future Thinking points to 97% of guests stating that food and drink is of relevance to their visit. We recognise that consumers have developed diverse tastes and that food is a hot topic and sets the agenda for many conversations. 

We make the most of customer feedback, market trends and high-street movements to create a memorable experience through food, ambience and service.

Sales and marketing specialists

We help drive revenues to our clients by bringing into play our thought leadership and maximising our existing in-house businesses. We have sales and marketing specialists on the ground, and also a consortium, Lime Venue Portfolio, to create and deliver marketing strategy to drive guests for meetings, conferences, dinners, weddings and special events to our beautiful unique venues. Keith Prowse is an established leader in providing world-class hospitality across the UK’s top sporting and major events. Lime Venue Portfolio is experienced in helping our clients grow additional revenue through utilising their event space. 

Facilities management

LSS are there when the party’s over and you can be assured we can clean up! We are well-versed in managing some of the world’s liveliest destination events through to the most discreet boardroom meeting.

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