Consultancy and Research

Delivering Your Vision

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The way guests experience your venue is vital to the success of your brand and business. This doesn’t just mean choosing the perfect building design, making a place look stunning, or serving delicious cuisine. It should also provide value for money, having the right range of drinks and music on offer.

Any of these aspects in isolation won’t make your venue stand out from the crowd. It takes an intelligent combination of all this, and more, to keep your guests coming back to you.

The Levy Restaurants UK formula merges the physical aspects of your building (the ‘bricks and mortar’) with a unique blend of brand knowledge, specially-created cuisine and seamless service to create an atmosphere that matches your brand perfectly.

Our specialists become your brand partners, collaborating with you to design and define your objectives, then work tirelessly to achieve them. This might mean subtly changing the interior design of your bar area to complement the natural environment that surrounds you.

It could be relaunching your menu with limited-edition dishes to suit the theme of a particular campaign or event. Or maybe you’d like us to work with a panel of your customers and formulate a report on how they experience your venue currently, and make changes based on that.

Our panel of insight experts study your customers’ journeys and hold focus groups with your people and guests. From this research, we put together bespoke reports for your business to help tailor future campaigns, interior design projects and menu campaigns.

As experienced restaurateurs, we understand the irreplaceable value of great ingredients and creative, talented chefs – for us, world-class food and drink is a must.

However, we also know how important it is to deliver ‘beyond the plate’, meaning that every aspect of your venue works together seamlessly, forming a complete brand solution to delight and inspire your guests. 

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